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During my tenure at Hasbro, I undertook a diverse range of projects spanning from branding initiatives to crafting comprehensive merchandise guides, meticulously shaping the visual narratives for in-store experiences worldwide. Within this dynamic environment, I collaborated on renowned brands including Transformers, Power Rangers, Beyblade, Star Wars, Marvel Avengers, Spiderman, and Overwatch.

Beyblade In-Store Displays

During my time at Hasbro, I took the lead in crafting custom in-store displays for the dynamic Beyblade Burst Rise brand. Employing elements from the Beyblade Burst Rise and the "Be the one" style guide, I meticulously designed vibrant showcases to captivate fans and spark excitement. Each display was entirely custom-made, meticulously tailored to immerse customers in the exhilarating realm of Beyblade battles. These unique creations brought the energy and thrill of Beyblade Burst Rise vividly to life on retail shelves, offering an immersive experience tailored to the brand's distinct aesthetic.

Transformers Earthrise
Deluxe Pallet Display
Beyblade Battle League Logo

Seen here is the Battle League branding, a competitive league created by Hasbro to push Beyblade into a more E-sports type atmosphere. Below are screenshots of the Battle League branding used within the Beyblade Burst App.

2019 Vidcon Beyblade Employee Shirts

Created custom typography for the “Staff” lettering on the shirts.

Vidcon Beyblade Simulator Logo Concept
Star Wars Lightsaber Academy

At Hasbro, I led the design efforts for custom in-store displays for the highly anticipated Star Wars toy line, "Lightsaber Academy." Leveraging my expertise in brand immersion and retail aesthetics, I conceptualized and executed dynamic showcases aimed at captivating fans and driving excitement. Each display was meticulously crafted to evoke the thrill of Jedi training, offering an immersive experience that brought the magic of the Star Wars universe to retail shelves.

Overwatch In-Store Displays

The video game series Overwatch teamed up with Hasbro for a line of action figures, and nerf guns inspired by their characters. To properly present those items, I was tasked with connecting in store displays for Hasbro line of Overwatch toys. All the example here feature custom 3D renders I designed to match the look of the overwatch futuristic universe.

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