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New England Patriots

Branding  |  Social Media

It's incredible to work for one of the most recognizable logos in sports. It's also an honor to work for a championship team, and be able to go support the team's creative while they make their run for another Super Bowl victory. Below are some of the amazing projects I was able work on while at the Patriots.

Training Camp Rebrand

One of my favorite projects while at the Patriots was re-designing the Training camp logo, and helping enhance the visual experience at the stadium. Below are photos from Training camp featuring displays, banners, and signage that I designed.

Stadium Field Wraps

One of my last projects while working at the Patriots was to design a new field wrap with a timeless look. The field wrap also featured 5 stars at the time for the 5 Super Bowl championships the patriots had won. This would be updated after the 2018 season with a 6th star. This field wrap was used from the 2018-2021 seasons.

Premium Event Passes

2018 Tailgate Party Passes

Player Illustrations created by Pilot Studios

2018 The Hall Passes

2017 Optum Field Lounge Passes

2017 Super Bowl Week Creative
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