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Personal Work

Branding & Identity  |  Illustration 
2009 - Present

Below is a diverse collection of custom typography, logos, and illustrations. It also features two logo redesigns I completed within a day as a personal design exercise. This body of work demonstrates the wide range of my style and my ability to deliver creative solutions across various design disciplines.

Elden Ring Concept

This redesigned Elden Ring logo blends modern aesthetics with dark fantasy elements. The intricate circular emblem, adorned with ancient runes and ethereal glows, symbolizes the game's mystical realms. Bold yet elegant typography with subtle weathering evokes ancient power and timelessness, appealing to both new and returning players.

Madame Web

For the Sony movie "Madame Web," part of the Spiderman universe, I reimagined the logo to capture the essence of a superhero narrative. The original logo was underwhelming and lacked the dynamic energy associated with the genre. My redesign introduces an arachnid-inspired motif with custom typography, seamlessly blending a soft pink and red color palette. This unique combination not only highlights Madame Web's character but also sets the tone for a potential franchise, creating a distinctive and memorable brand identity.

Mixed Work

This collection features a diverse range of one-off projects, innovative typography ideas, and unique logos. Each piece demonstrates a high level of creativity and technical skill, showcasing my ability to deliver strong, impactful designs even outside the context of larger campaigns. These works stand on their own, each telling a distinct visual story and highlighting my versatility as a designer. This showcase is a testament to my passion for design and my commitment to producing exceptional work in every project.

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