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Formula E

Conceptual Branding

The Formula E conceptual branding showcases a modern and dynamic logo designed with custom typography, embodying the spirit of electric racing. In my opinion, the most recent rebrand for Formula E didn't hit the mark, feeling too removed from its counterpart, Formula 1, and its modern, sleek branding. My design addresses this by incorporating a unique feature where the "F" seamlessly transforms into an "E," allowing the "E" to stand alone as "FE," effectively representing Formula E. This dual-purpose design not only enhances brand recognition but also emphasizes the innovative and forward-thinking nature of the Formula E series.

Logo System

As mentioned above, the highlight of this project was the lettering. I created bespoke letters for this logo so it would have a unique design only seen here. The F represents curves of a racetrack, and I repurposed that letter form in the E, so the E could stand alone as a symbol for Formula E, showing an F and a E simultaneously.

I kept the color palette pretty tame, but the main focus being the electric green.

Logo In Use

Once I wrapped up the logos, I wanted to show them in use. Seen here are a Formula E branded driver suit, and Formula E car (which has a different design than standard Formula 1 cars.)

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